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What Are The Advantages ?

What Are The Advantages ?

You get to keep your cash

We will buy the equipment you need for you. You keep your cash. Then, you can get the equipment you need by paying in installments.

Your credit limits are not affected

You do not use your credit limits by purchasing your equipment through Leasing. Thus, your credit limit is always available when you need cash immediately.

Your payments remain fixed

As long as you make your payments regularly, your Lease debt shall not be recalled. Buy your equipment with Leasing. Easily plan your cash flow thanks to fixed installments.

Enjoy medium- and long-term installments

With Garanti BBVA Leasing, you can purchase the equipment you need in convenient medium- and long-term installments.

You determine the currency of your installments

No matter what currency your equipment is purchased in, you can have your payment plan prepared in TL or a different currency of your choice.

Benefit from our operational convenience

Buy your equipment with Leasing. We will carry out all operational processes such as purchasing, import and insurance for you. We will provide you with consultancy services regarding the legislation on purchasing and insurance processes throughout the contract period.

You determine the contract period

You determine the contract period and maturity.

Garanti BBVA Leasing guarantees fast results

You will get the fastest results in your credit evaluation thanks to our staff of experts and superior technological infrastructure. You will have the equipment you need as quickly as possible.