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Leasing For SMEs

Leasing For SMEs

What’s the rate of leasing in business volumes of SMEs and how does leasing contribute to SMEs?

The biggest problem SMEs face in Turkey is that they have hard time covering their cash needs over the long term. Leasing transactions perfectly respond to these kinds of long-term requirements, hence proving a solution for SMEs. Our industry is made up of SMEs by nearly 75 to 80%, while Garanti BBVA Leasing stands slightly apart from the rest of the industry with a rate of 85 to 90% in SMEs.

A greater transaction volume for the leasing industry in Turkey creates a positive impact particularly for SMEs with high growth potential. We have special packages for SMEs which involve equipment groups such as CNC, construction equipment, forklift, generator and plastic injection. We have arranged these packages with highly ethical companies operating in the sector for a certain amount of time, which help complete the credit process for the firms in a very short period.

We create so many benefits for the financing of investment goods. First of all, the SMEs save their cash and their credit limits remain unchanged. They have the chance to use their credit limits for short-term cash requirements. If the payments remain fixed and regular, leasing debts are not callable. Fixed payments facilitate cash flow planning. You can select any of the medium to long-term options, choose your instalment currency including TL-USD-EUR, reap the benefits of our operational advantages. We follow up and complete all of your operational transactions including purchasing, import and insurance. We also offer consulting on regulations. In other words, the investor might want to buy an equipment from Taiwan, the USA or from Europe. We carry out all the transactions for such purchases and the equipment is delivered to the address of our lessee.